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The Lagg Hotel
Lagg, Kilmory,
Isle of Arran,
KA27 8PQ

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The Isle of Arran on the west coast of Scotland is known as Scotland in miniature. The lowland highland fault line divides the island giving granite mountains in the North and gentle rolling grasslands and raised beaches in the South.

Arran is the most accessible of Scottish Islands with direct public transport links. You can have breakfast in London and lunch on the Isle of Arran.

It's 55 mins to Glasgow and a further 55 minutes on the ferry. Prestwick airport is just half an hour rail link from Ardrossan harbour. Arran offers visitors a wide variety of activities and has lots of places of interest to suit all ages. Arran has lots of places of geographic and archealogical interest. It has been inhabited for 1000's of years.

More details of things to do and see can be found on our Activities page.



“The Isle of Arran - as soon as you get on the ferry your holiday begins.”